The times I have used this app is more than I care to count. Whether you need a sound meter or a flashlight this Smart Tools app is a super handy app to have your your Blackberry Android OS device.

This app has a cost of 2.99 and I have yet to regret my purchase.  All the apps I have used work as described and allow me to have some pretty cool utilities while on the go.

Set 1. Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread : Smart Ruler Pro  

Set 2. Distance, Height, Width, Area : Smart Measure Pro

Set 3. Compass, Metal detector, GPS : Smart Compass Pro

Set 4. Sound level meter, Vibrometer : Sound Meter Pro

Set 5. Flashlight, Magnifier, Mirror : Smart Light Pro

Set 6. Unit : Unit Converter Pro

6 sets for a total of 15 tools.

Price 2.99


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I have been blogging Blackberry and Playbook info (PlaybookDaily) over the past several years. I took some time off to see the direction of BlackBerry. I am glad to see the Android OS and look forward to sharing great apps, news and games.