The keyboard is key and one of the things I miss most since going to the virtual keyboard quite a while ago. We posted before about the shortcuts being available via the keyboard, but other cool features from previous BlackBerry Devices are available also. This brings the best of all worlds to the keyboard on the BlackBerry KEYone.

Shortcuts: Program each key to instantly bring up contacts and apps you use most often, such as pressing “B” for browser.

Flick Typing: Predictive text made even faster with the ability to flick words onto your screen as you type.

Touch Navigation: Keyboard responds to touch gestures like a trackback, to quickly scroll through webpages or emails.

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I have been blogging Blackberry and Playbook info (PlaybookDaily) over the past several years. I took some time off to see the direction of BlackBerry. I am glad to see the Android OS and look forward to sharing great apps, news and games.