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BlackBerry devices running an Android OS now have
access to over a million apps and games on Google Play.
We help you sort through the clutter and discover great apps and games.








Hill Climb Dirt Master 3D Game

Hill Climb Dirt Master 3D Game

This game has not been updated in quite a while, but this is one of my go to games. You can do in app purchases to speed up the process, but you can accomplish pretty much everything without doing any in app purchases. ABOUT Hill Climb - Dirt Master 3D is a hill climb...

Nine Email and Calendar

Nine Email and Calendar

While staying with BlackBerry but leaving the BlackBerry OS I was used to, it was hard adapting to the Android OS because of all the apps. After many tries of different apps for my work's exchange email; I found Nine. Nine is a full-fledged email application for...